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I miss reading manga and watching anime

Ever since I came back to K-pop in 2015 (because of BIGBANG's comeback and iKON's debut) I kinda stopped reading & buying manga, watching anime... I only focused on iKON lately, I love them way too much! And the fact that they keep having activities in all Asia (non-stop, since debut!!) doesn't help at all! Because as long as they don't rest, I can't focus on anything else than iKON. Also, I did a 6-season Game of Thrones marathon for one month in September...

Today, I was trying to catch up with manga/anime news I missed the past 2 months. And I just saw that BLOOD LAD ended on September 4th! How could I even miss that!! I'm shocked! I love this manga so much, I really didn't expect it to end now, well there are 16 volumes already ^^" I only bought up to volume 8 so far. I don't know when final volume 17 will be released. And I don't remember where I left off regarding the story (scans) but it must around chapter 30 or something... Anyway, this is a sad news to me...
I like the story. Sometimes I feel elements are added just to fit in the story, nonetheless I kind of enjoy it. This second season is way better than the previous one, the arcs are good and there is a clear development from the characters, well the side characters that is, not much on Yato and Hiyori part. At least Yukine made a friend, learns more about being a Regalia and even transforms himself into an Imperial Regalia reflecting his sincere devotion to risk his name in order to protect his God.

I really like Yukine development this time around, he is doing his best to win his master favor over Nora (who's actual name is Hiiro) -Yato's other Regalia- and works so hard to achieve his new goal that is to protect Yato and have his trust. He is cute. And grows up so fast! He learns well too. Since the begining Yukine has showed a lot of potential as a Regalia, but in this season, it is clearly shown that Yukine will be a powerful Regalia, he only needs to know that Yato trusts him and needs him to protect him to gain confidence and release his real potential.

Whereas Hiyori is still the same, nothing change about her situation except now she controls the moment she lets her soul out of her body so she can be in her spirit form whenver she needs/wants to. Also, she is a high schooler now. Even though her situation is still the same, she plays a very important role in Yato's life at the moment. She is giving him hope, confort, setting him with new goals and gave him a shrine, she just changes his life and simply bring him happiness.

Yato has a great character development but we are still clueless about his past. The only new elements we have about his past are Hiiro (the name he gave to his Nora) and his father that seems a quite powerful man but scheming and manipulative man and also that he actually saved Bishamon upon Kazuma's request instead of being the cold murderer of her clan as we were told. It is also shown that he has a strong attachment to Hiyori, possibly love in a romantic way, as he really wants to protect her and simply wishes that she never forgets about him, the mere thought that she could forget about him makes him really anxious and depressed, just like Yukine is the very first Regalia to show him respect and devotion, Hiyori is the first person to always think about him, make him feel better (as in wanting to be a better person/God) he is just happy around them. After she gave him a shrine, he felt so moved that he cried because she realised his dream: to have someone who will build a shrine for him, and he set himself a new goal: to make her happy. Whenever he is facing a difficult situation and he feels like giving in, her image always appears making him try harder in order to see her again. At the end, he finally releases Hiiro (his cold-hearted childhood friend) and he chooses to be God that will make people happy (influenced by his wish to make Hiyori happy) and asks Yukine to guide him, Yukine responds that he will do his upmost to prevent him from killing anyone from now on.

This season is highly focus on Bishamon. It is a good story, but again a little draggy, I think what they did in two episodes could have been done in one episode so it kind of disturb the dynamic pace. The end is very interesting, it's an open-ending so I wonder if there will be a third season, meanwhile I might start reading the manga... I am extremely curious about what will happen to the guy who stole Hiyori's first kiss while she was forgetting about Yato. She was also very shocked and Yato doesn't know about this too... it turns out the guy is called "Father" by Hiiro who is also his Regalia... I also wonder if there is an actual romance between Yato and Hiyori or is it a pure fan service for anime adaptation. I think they are cute together (even though Yato's blushing is a bit excessive lol) because Hiyori actually gives him a lot of strength, it feels like he is depending on her a lot. If she ever returns as a normal human, I wonder if she will still remember Yato or slowly forget about him...

Note: 07-/10
Kyôkai no Kanata: I'll Be Here - Kako-hen (Beyond the Boundary: I'll Be There - The Past)

Honestly, there's nothing to say about this first movie since it was merely a recap of the anime serie.

Kyôkai no Kanata: I`ll Be Here - Mirai-hen (Beyond the Boundary: I'll Be There - The Future)

Well, I will make it short. The movie was a little bit disappointing hmm... it's not like I had great expectations on the story, but I just thought there would be more fluffly moments between Mirai and Akihito lol It was supposed to be a continuation of the anime/first movie, but in the end, there was nothing new. Instead of the future, it focused more on the past of the main protagonists. Well I understand that to move forward you have to know and accept the past, but since they were leaning towards a future together, I would have appreciated a time-skip in the future in which they are really happy as university students couple/married couple/family with cute kids... so to me, the end was dull, the focused-story itself was dull because it makes it seems like the climax was the love confession from both parts, but they already confessed in the first movie and even if Mirai forgot her memories, she clearly fell in love with Akihito again at the begining of the movie, Akihito on the other hand knew that his feelings for her remained unchanged since the day they first met, and also he knew that the Mirai without memories was in love with him... but he kept rejecting her... I think adding the plot of the yômu parasite entering your body by eye-contact and making you become a dark destructive person was dull too, it was like the plot was lacking.

It makes me sad because I actually like Mirai and Akihito, and I think they are cute together and devoted, they always wonder if they are weird for not being a normal human but because they are together and understand and cheer for each other, they feel stronger and happy so yeah, I like this couple. And I like the fact that there is no love rival.

To conclude, everything was cliché and predictable (like the fact that only a confession from Akihito would be able to save Mirai...). But I am attached to both Mirai and Akihito and I like the OST. However, I think the animation wasn't very constant but still enjoyable.

Note: 06+/10

[Review] -Winter 2014- Noragami (12)

After a certain accident, Hiyori became a half-human half-phantom as she is stuck in the boundaries between life and afterlife, thus while she remains human, she can also separate her soul from her body and interact with deities and demons, as of now she only does it uncousciously. She asked help from a God named Yato, the one she tried to save from that accident, by offering money, Yato accepted her wish to bring her body to normal although he doesn't know if there is a way to turn her back to a human.

In the midst of this mission, Yato will meet a new regalia, a spirit that is used as a weapon to fight along with the gods. He named it Yukine in his spirit form and Sekki in his sword form. Yukine was a lost soul before Yato found him and gave him its original appearance, a teenage boy. Both of them went through an ordeal in which they needed to accept and understand each other in order to create a bond of trust and work well together.

In the last episode, I don't like the way Hiyori became a target by Yato enemy because I found it too typical damsel in distress heroine... but damn the cute ending though ^^ Yato asked her to cut all ties with him so that she will live happily but she refused and bluntly said that she will stay with Yato forever, they blushed and he asked her a coin to grant her wish ahah.

Yato isn't really serious or rather he doesn't look like he is serious but I think it's because we didn't dig up deeply about his past yet. In fact, none of the character were developped deeply, this first season looked more like an introduction than anything.
Hiyori is quite decent female lead. While in shônen story the female lead is generally weak or annoying or useless, she is not a busybosy, but instead she is actually very helpful, she can take care of herself, of course she makes mistakes or misjudgments but that's because she needs to understand the world Yato and the others live in, well the good thing is that she's not being stubborn about it but rather open-minded.
At least, Hiyori nor Yato aren't annoying which is good... can't really say the same for the side characters though, but well as pointed out before, their background stories were not developped yet...

I freaking love the seiyû!!!!!! Especially the side character ones! Sawashiro Miyuki, Bishamon's voice, is one of my favourites. Her voice is so mature, and she is the voice of Cal Devens/Drei from Phantom: Requium for the Phantom, which is one of my favourite anime so far!! I always loved that voice ever since (even though Cal wasn't my favourite character at all, Eren/Ein was). Also Kazuma, Bishamon's regalia, is voiced by Fukuyama Jun who is definitely my favourite seiyû (alongside with Ono Daisuke)!! His tone is really special and he did so many iconic voice characters, such as Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, one of my favourite characters of all times.
The story is ok but I must admit it's very similar to Blood Lad, a fantasy character trying to bring back the female lead into human. But I really love Blood Lad too much, especially Staz ahah.

The music is okay, not especially good but not bad either, I appreciate the distinctive arcs. There's a good pacing, it's also funny without becoming boring but getting serious given the situation. If I have to point out a 'letdown' that would be Yukine's arc which is very important to the story but kind of dragging so borderline annoying, Yukine was annoying but also all the characters were annoying because there was no communication between them and it kept dragging till it got serious. The ending was nothing special, just a happy cute open-ending ^^

Note: 07-/10

My manga~ [Summer 2015~April 2016]

Ok, now. I realise I didn't post my manga for a while. Well to tell the truth, I didn't buy any manga from October 2015 to March 2016 ^^" Thinking about it, it coincides with iKON debut... after a few entries, you will figure out the reason why I didn't... hehe
Meanwhile I was able to actually complete 2 manga series ahah *proud*

July manga list:

One Piece 7
Rave 35
Blood Lad 5
Bokura ga Ita 7
Ôkami Shôjo to Kuro Ôji 7
Suki-tte Ii na yo 6
Bakuman 1 (!!)
Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi Dake 6

I actually completed Rave!!!! Yeah!! The very first shônen manga I wanted to buy (because I wasn't satisfied with the anime ending that left off at the good part... lol), quite surprised that it wasn't One Piece though... But for the record, I knew about Rave way before I got into One Piece... and I was quite into it (especially the 1st opening song LOL) More than the story, I really loved the characters, cool-funny-stupid so typical but yeah I didn't know a lot of shônen stories at that time lol oh and I haven't begun reading it yet... lol

Also, I chose Bakuman as my new shônen manga! I really really love this manga! There are 20 volumes in total. Although I read all the chapters scanlations already, I just thought I wanted since I really enjoyed it ^^

August manga list:

One Piece 8
Blood Lad 6
Bokura ga Ita 8
Kisu Yori mo Hayaku 1 (!!)
Bakuman 2
Kuroko no Basuke 1 (!)
Kôkô Debut 1 (!)

A lot of new manga that month, I don't remember why I made those choices though lol Why adding 2 shôjo manga series and 1 shônen manga series?? Well Kisu Yori mo Hayaku is actually the manga I chose after completing FuruBa, I really love the manga. Yeah I read all the chapters scanlations, same with Kôkô Debut, and I enjoyed both. But Kôkô Debut isn't among my favourite list of manga, but then I realised that I would think about it from time to time and even read some chapters again, so yeah I guess it became a favourite only afterward.

September manga list:

One Piece 9
Blood Lad 7
Bokura ga Ita 9
Kisu Yori mo Hayaku 2
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 1 (!)
Suki-tte Ii na yo 7
Bakuman 3

Wow another new series... I really don't get it since there is a lot yet to be completed... Anyway, these are only manga I had already planned on buying so... it doesn't really make a difference to buy it now or later.

April 2016 manga list:

One Piece 10
Blood Lad 8
Bokura ga Ita 10
Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi Dake 7 & 8 (fin)

My first manga purchase of this year, and I could only afford 5 volumes... I will explain why in a few entries lol

Also I completed my third manga series!! And it's a short shôjo of 8 volumes (I actually thought it was a 7-volume manga series so I had to make a new order right after buying volume 7 LOL)

Now, I'll be reading Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi Dake full story tonight or maybe tomorrow!

I'm not sure when will be the next time I'll be buying manga, but not anytime soon for sure... I plan on buying lots of other stuff lol I will explain later ^^

Long time no see

Wow it's been a while since I last posted an entry... since iKON debut back in October?? 😲😲 I'm shocked lol Also I'm posting from my handphone hehe just wanted to try the application~

I have quite a lot to say, but I'm going to start with the news of the day. Ôkami shôjo to Kuru ôji is ending 😢😢 Final chapter is planned on May 13th while final volume 16 will be released on May 25th. Oh my... it makes me sad... but as far as I remember, the last time I read the manga scans was chapter 44, corresponding to my January 17th entry that is to say more than a year??? I'm even more shocked!! I used to like OStKO so much, what happened? I guess it's because my favourite scanlations group of the manga stopped and another picked it up but they are very slow in releasing chapters so another group came up, but to me, it's not a very good quality scans so... (I mean they use the raw scans from the magazine's scans?? I prefer scanlations groups that use scans directly from the manga volume, quality scans are way better and pleasant to the eye) I kind of giving up on the scanlations. This makes me sad. I guess that's also one the main reasons why I started buying the manga 😊😊

I should start resuming the story where I left it off. Oh well I'm going to wait until the final chapter in May I guess.

Ahah... I love IKON so much. It's been a while since I've last been into a new K-pop group. My last group might have been 2NE1 back in 2009... I think I liked some songs of some random groups in the meantime, but being a (supportive) fan is a totally different story! I guess the wait for BIGBANG comeback (yeah I'm a hardcore VIP) killed me so I watched YG new survival show WIN: Who is next? in 2013 as I was bored and got curious... also GDYB made an appearance (along with YG Family members as judges) And I'm so happy I did!

Although they were friends, two teams were put to compete and get chosen by audience and YG jury votes to finally debute as a new group named WINNER while the loser team debut would be pushed back and suffer members change or disband. Team A, a 5-member group with an average age of 20, and team B a 6-member group with an average age of 17, at first I was indifferent, I mean they were only trainees, and I didn't find any of them impressive. BUT! it happened in episode 2! When I saw the playful and funny Bobby crying during a video call with his mom, my heart hurt, right after that, there was that trip in Jeju Island where Jinhwan, Bobby and Hanbin's strong friendship and dreams were shown, only then I realised team B work was no joke! They have that amazing team work as they are willingly lead by a strict but meticulous Hanbin (B.I). As I watched them train and perform, I was excited, admirative and attached to these kids. In my opinion, they were seriously better than team A, but team A as individuals was stronger. In team B, I felt that only Leader Hanbin, rapper Bobby and main vocalist Jinhwan were ready to debut, but still, team B members were too young, I wanted them to win badly but I felt that they should improve as individual a little more at the same time... At the end of the program, even though team B was impressive throurough the survival program and did a heartbreaking final performance that even made me cry badly -lyrics yo! CLIMAX is such a good-emotional-tearjerker song! It has so much history to the members and even the ones that supported them all along- they lost to team A who debuted a year later, in August 2014. I was actually happy for team A since they were already 20 (it was likely they would have never debuted as a K-pop idol group if they had lost), but I was desperate for team B since I sincerely wanted them to succeed as the wonderful 6-member group they already were, and truthfully I really dislike seeing them cry, it was unbearably sad ahah... yeah I think I was too into this show lol

Anyway, a year later, a new survival show was announced: Mix & Match. I was like "hell no!!!" it got me frustratedto know that 3 new trainees were going to join in and complete a group of 9 members where only 7 members would debut at the end of the program (decided by audience votes and YG family as jury). It was also decided in episode 1 that the group name would be: iKON, as an icon to Korea but also overtaking worldwide ^^ But then in episode 2, it was announced that only Hanbin, Jinhwan and Bobby were confirmed members, I know some people were frustrated and might have thought that it was unfair since they were rooting for the 6-member group Team B, but to tell the truth, I thought it was fair enough since those 3 started everything and were the pillar of the group, it would have been ridiculous to debut iKON minus one of them... The show had 9 episodes, and it was tough competition too but even though they were tired and anxious, they were still the same lovely, mischievous and funny teenagers from WIN a year before ^^ I loved them even more~ Having the 3 centered members as leaders of 3 groups of 3 people was such a good thing, since it brought some leadership to Jinhwan and Bobby. The tough part for Bobby and Hanbin at that time was participating at Show Me The Money 3 as contestants (a rap survival show), and Jinhwan had to take care of and teach the members at that time too. The part where Yunhyeong got eliminated made me cry so much... I hate seeing those kids in tears... it's agonizing... It was even sadder because Jinhwan's team did so well in singing and dancing, they were my favourite during that evaluation but they ended up last which affected Jinhwan a lot since he got last... again... and he only blamed himself for not being able to help each member of his team to shine... Maybe he should have rap? lol I'm being sarcastic here because the jury was composed of rappers only, and they said it's was a good and refreshing performance (they sang "Treasure" with AKMU Suhyun) that made them smile all along but it lacked originality... well in my opinion, if you watch a performance that makes you dance, jump and smile all along, then it's a win, that is the very purpose of being a singer, if all members of the audience enjoy smiling throughout the performance that means the singer conveyed his feeling properly and the audience received it sincerely. That's why I think that not having a rapper put them at a disadvantage, I'm not being biased, but Hanbin's team ended up first while their performance wasn't that great... well my opinion. Anyway, out of the 3 new trainees, I was actually rooting for Chanwoo, he's so cute, hardworking, nice and blended well into the original 6-member team. So I am very happy that he got confirmed afterwards, but confused that he got confirmed before Donghyuk (through the votes final results). Anyway, Jinhyeong didn't really fit in the group in my opinion, he was passive too, also not much interactions with the members (maybe the result of the edit trying to get Chanwoo as the winner?) and Hongseok's style definitely didn't match with the group hip-hop style nor even YG's style, also he got that nonchalant attitude that couldn't make me like him...

Also my baby Bobby won Show Me The Money 3! ^^ I was so happy that I actually tweeted about it (I very rarely tweet anything lol). It was tough for him as many were so critical of him, especially since he was an idol-to-be and he was from YG ent. but he did so well throughtout the competition, he rose even higher and more intense each week, he showed powerful performances and credibility, his songs were loved and so well received, it even charted very well, he gained a lot of recognition through this program, so I'm thankful. Bobby is someone really lovable, he has an angelic smile that brightens your day and he's a beast while on stage, so talented, so charismatic, so cool, so carefree yet so respectful, so kind, so playful, so cute and adorable, that's Bobby for you ^^ I REALLY LOVE BOBBY, LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! HE'S INDEED MY BIAS lol

After waiting for another year, it's was announced that iKON would finally debut on September, 15th! Phew!! I thought that day would never happen seriously, the wait dragged too much lol

My manga~ [June]

Whoa~! I'm amazed at how these manga even reached my home... I mean, I really intend to buy manga every month, but to be honest, this month I'm very short on money... but I was thinking that I couldn't break my record of buying it 5 months in a row ahah...
I usually buy 8 manga, but this month, I only bought 4 of them. And just selecting 4 manga was actually a hard decision lol But I based my choice on the on-going series for shôjo ones, and OP and Rave for the shônen ones because well, firstly it's One Piece, and secondly Rave is my oldest shônen manga.

This month's list:

One Piece 6
Rave 31
Suki-tte Ii na yo 5
Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake 5

One Piece, Rave,
Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake, Suki-tte Ii na yo

Only one volume left for Rave and I will complete the series!! Yay!! So next month I will gather the 35 volumes of Rave ^^
Hopefully next month it will be the usual 8-manga package ^^ I already know which ones to buy, and a new manga might be added, and I know for sure that will be a shônen series fufufu~

Right now, I am doing carton boxes to put my completed manga away. It's a pity, but I couldn't think of another solution, at least for now... :(

My manga~ [May]

Manga package is here!
Truthfully, I am very happy to be able to keep buying my manga on a monthly basis without fail, giving a budget of 56€, that's great! I manage doing this for 5 months in a row already! ^^ But how long will it last...? I don't know if I can continue this since I'm not sure where to put these books anymore... My 3 bookshelves are completely full of books already... Should I pack the books away? but that would be such a waste to hide books (my opinion)...
This month's list:

One Piece 5
Rave 28
Fruits Basket 23 (Fin)
Blood Lad 4
Ôkami Shôjo to Kuro Ôji 6
Bokura ga Ita 6
Suki-tte Ii na yo 4
Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake 4

One Piece, Rave, Fruits Basket, Blood Lad,
Ôkami Shôjo to Kuro Ôji, Bokura ga Ita, Suki-tte Ii na yo, Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake

Well, that feels weird... the first time I read Fruits Basket was acually the very first time I read a manga... and that was in my senior year of high school (a decade already!!) Phew... time flies. Anyway, today I got the last volume of FuruBa in my hands... now I can finally read it to the end, it feels very weird. And not only it is the first manga I read, it is now the first manga series in a whole I own. Oh that last statement gave me an idea, should I pack completed manga series away? that could work...but it feels sad lol

Anyway, I think I will read Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake 2 today lol Somehow I don't think I can wait until October to get the 7th and last volume of the manga to read and complete it lol

Starting from next month, a new manga series will appear on my bookshelf, but which one has yet to be chosen. It should be a shôjo manga though. Kisu Yori mo Hayaku? Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun? Kôkô Debut?

My manga~ [April]

My monthly package is here~
I decided to keep buying monthly. But another thing is bothering this time... Today I had a really hard time to put my manga in my bookshelves... there is absolutely no room left ^^" I don't know what to do... It's getting complicated... lol

This month's list:

One Piece 4
Rave 27
Fruits Basket 22
Blood Lad 3
Ôkami Shôjo to Kuro Ôji 5
Bokura ga Ita 5
Suki-tte Ii na yo 3
Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake 3

One Piece, Rave, Fruits Basket, Bokura ga Ita,
Ôkami Shôjo to Kuro Ôji, Blood Lad, Suki-tte Ii na yo, Ato Nimo Saki Nimo Kimi Dake



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